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This blog is my musings from the middle of the road on my journey of faith. The blog title is a little odd, I admit, but is inspired by the yellow lines found in the middle of roads. It serves to remind us of two important things about faith.

First, faith life is not a parking lot, where we camp out with the conclusions we've made and refuse to be moved. Instead faith life is one of constant movement and growth; for me it is a journey of following where Jesus leads.

Second, the yellow line is in the middle of the road. The middle of the road is a tough place to be. This is partly because the middle of the road is a kind of 'no-man's-land' where shots come flying in from both sides. To conservatives, moderates are liberal nut-jobs. To progressives, moderates are right-wing crazies. To both, moderates are limp-wristed, wishy-washy, and non-committal. In reality, at our best, moderates live out a worldview that admits we don't have everything all-figured-out. Moderates are not so set in our thoughts/beliefs that we are unwilling to change them. To fundamentalists, both on the left and right, that is an impossible and dangerous stance to take. To me, it is the only authentic way to live life, especially as a person of faith.

So, this blog will be my thoughts as a moderate on a journey. Here I hope to promote the idea of 'both-and' instead of the false dichotomies of 'either-or'. I'll seek a mediating approach to theology and life. Well-thought-out ideas will be considered, regardless of their source, because Truth isn't scared of a level playing field. I'll be willing to admit when I'm wrong, and I'll be willing to admit there are places where mystery is acceptable and faith might be required.

I'm also not an apologist. I'm not sure one can be convinced to follow Jesus by eloquence or persuasive words. So I will just tell you this: in following Jesus I have found a journey worth taking, and I would welcome you to take that journey, too.

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